Rental arrangement possible for care, seminars, workshops, courses…



10 hours (28.-/h) 25 hours (25.-/h) 50 hours (23.-/h) 100 hours (20.-/h) Package ½ day (22.-/h) Day Package (20.-/h)
Frs 280.-
(valid for 6 months)
Frs 625.-
(valid for 9 months)
Frs 1’150.-
(valid for 1 year)
Frs 2’000.-
(valid for 1 year)
Frs 110.- / 5 hours in a row
(valid for 6 months)
Frs 160.- / 8 hours in a row
(valid for 6 months)

Book online up to 24 hours in advance the time slots that suit you. (minimum 1 hour, then in 15 minutes increments)

Reservation possible on the same day on call.

Whichever room and equipment you choose, the price remains the same.


For any particular request, do not hesitate to contact us.